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A clamp meter is an appliance to measure alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current and voltage. It comprises two functional parts: a digital multimeter and a current detector. The device has special inductive jaws clamping around a conductor (e.g. cables, wires etc.) to detect its current. No disconnection required. It is essential that only one conductor is checked at one time. Clamp testers are perfect to work with high amperes of current.

Press the button and the result will be shown on an in-built screen.

Clamp testers are widely used by electricians to detect issues in an electrical system functioning for further repair.

Additionally, they are portable and user-friendly. It is convenient to use a clamp tester in a number of inaccessible places.

Today, clamp meters are equipped with bright LED screens which allow their users to work in different conditions.The instrument may be used both indoors and outdoors what adds to its numerous advantages.

Clamp Meters
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Today’s producers of clamp testers work a lot on development and optimization of their products.

For instance, you can find appliances with such characteristic as a Selectable Test Frequency. It enhances the level of accuracy in inductive environments. You can choose from 2083, 128, 60 or 50 Hertz. Moreover, the next feature is called a Loop Measurement Detection. It helps the user avoid potential irrelevant readings. Another helpful feature of a modern clamp tester is a Ground Voltage Indication. It shows the voltage of the ground circuit to warn you of any risky situation. Use an Alarm Function with programmable voltage, current plus Ohms setpoints. Some of the present-day clamp testers are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to view the readings on different devices at your convenience (smartphones, tablets, PCs etc.)

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