Circuit Testers

Nowadays, electricity is a part of nearly any industry. People use a wide range of various electrical devices. However, if mishandled, electricity can put your health or even life at risk. There are various gadgets that are required.

A circuit tester is a special device that is plugged into an electrical socket to make sure it is wired properly or to show if you have some safety issues. This appliance is usually compact and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you need. On Mega Depot, you can buy top-quality circuit testers from the best manufacturers, including Ideal, K Tool International, Morris, and more! Circuit testers on our website have many useful features that are needed in various situations. The devices are affordable and user-friendly.

How to use a circuit tester?

It is as easy as ABC! To begin with, plug it in. The tester has special indicators so the user can avoid false readings. Depending on what order the lights are lit and which lights are lit, you can find out the status of the outlet. The best situation is when it is lit up as correct. However, there are several problems that may occur. The first one is open ground (the ground wire is not connected). Please make sure the wire is properly connected to ground on the other end. The second one is open neutral. It means that the white wire is not connected. In this case, you have to find out where the disconnect is. The next one is open hot. It means that the black wire is not connected properly. Unfortunately, nothing will work when plugged in because there is no power reaching the outlet.

Prior to working with any device, please read carefully the user’s guide. You will avoid injuries and will not put your health at risk. Circuit testers can come in handy in both everyday life as well as commercial applications. Choose the right product for you! Shop with Mega Depot and use reliable equipment!

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