Cherne Test Balls

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Cherne Test Balls

Cherne Test Ball Plugs were first introduced over 60 years ago as more versatile variants compared to traditional mechanical plugs. 

Test Ball Plugs are designed to test DWV (drain, waste, vent) systems. These pneumatic plugs are compatible with any pipe, they can be inserted through a test tee and sealed out of round pipe. 

Long Test-Ball Plugs are perfect for waste stack testing. They can be used for wye sealing to conduct sewer air tests. Note that both plug ends have molded-in sealing ribs to avoid leaks.

Pay attention to the I-Series Test Ball Plugs. They have mechanical bonding of high-quality natural rubber & end plates that removes the drawbacks related to chemical bonding. Note that these plugs have full body cording for more durability. Their benefits also include light weight and flexibility. The performance as well as safety are improved thanks to an optimized design of the plugs.

Cherne Pillow-Style Test Ball Plugs are ideal for blocking sewer flow, plus they can also be used for sewer air testing. They come with an inflation hose, read-back line and gauge. Made from heavy-duty elastic urethane, these plugs are flexible & lightweight.

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