Cherne Pipe Plugs

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Cherne pipe plugs

Cherne pipe plugs are durable and reliable so the job is done the right way. On Mega Depot, you can choose from a rich variety of products.

Pneumatic plugs

Test Ball® Plugs are great for pressure testing and blocking of residential DWV (drain, waste, vent) systems. These plugs are suitable for the installation of municipal infrastructure (e.g. storm & sanitary sewer piping systems).

Long Test-Ball® Plugs are made for waste stack testing. The plugs are suitable for wye sealing to conduct sewer air tests. Both plug ends have molded-in sealing ribs to avoid leaks.

Muni-Ball® Plugs ensure a full bypass for testing and monitoring piping systems. The plugs are perfect for the installation and repair of residential & commercial piping systems. In addition, Muni-Ball® plugs can be used for the maintenance of municipal infrastructure.

Big-Mouth® Plugs are ideal for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping. A removable tire valve ensures trouble-free replacement.

Air-Loc® Leak Locator Plugs are intended to be used for low-pressure sewer line acceptance tests and leak location testing. These plugs will come in handy if you need to block the flow.

Pillow-Style Test-Ball® Plugs are used for sewer flow blocking as well as sewer air testing. Note that these plugs are lightweight & flexible, they can fit through small-diameter openings.

Clean-Seal® Plugs are intended for stack testing of DWV plumbing systems. The plugs thread into a standard test tee. 

Mechanical Plugs

Original Gripper® Plugs are chosen for DWV testing, stack testing, etc. These plugs have been very popular on the market for a long period of time. The end-of-pipe design won’t fall in, it ensures sealing at the end of the pipe. The inside-of-pipe design makes it possible to locate the plug inside the pipe as far as necessary.

T-Handle Gripper® Plugs made of aluminum are perfect for long-term applications. They are suitable for sewer air pressure tests. There are options with or without bypass.

Econ-O-Grip® Plugs are used for cost-effective plugging of open-ended pipes. Petro Econ-O–Grip® Plugs are chemical-resistant mechanical plugs, they are affordable and suitable for low-pressure blocking applications. 

Kwik 'N Sure® Plugs are suitable for all pipe types, they are great for plugging water line stub-outs. The plugs are designed for high-pressure applications.

Monitor Well™ Locking Plugs have a special petro-chemical resistant design to seal monitor wells. These products comply with EPA requirements for locking plugs.

Cherne pipe plugs are used in commercial, industrial, residential and municipal plumbing systems. The plugs are chosen by many customers for plumbing and waterworks applications.

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