Cash Acme EB45

Plumbing should work properly. In case there are problems with the system, they should be fixed immediately. A pressure regulator is designed to reduce the input pressure of water to a desired value as its output. Today’s market offers a wide range of items that differ in type, size, quality, price and more. We recommend you to choose only trustworthy brands.

Cash Acme EB45 series includes high-quality water pressure regulators. The company has a rich experience in manufacturing pressure regulating valves. The items ensure excellent performance. The valves have a half cartridge design that reduces the number of parts that should be replaced if necessary. The valves are adjustable and cost-effective.

It is possible to choose from the following items:

  • threaded NPT regulating valves
  • single union regulating valves
  • single union threaded regulating valves
  • double union regulating valves
  • double union sweat regulating valves
  • double union threaded regulating valves
  • double union PEX ends regulating valves
  • SharkBite regulating valves
  • direct SharkBite regulating valves
  • free lead pressure regulating valves
  • regulating valves with metal top and more

Tapered threads make threaded NPT regulating valves perfect for plumbing applications. Using this type of connection, an exceptionally fluid-tight seal is created. The valves with SharkBite push-fit connections do not require additional instruments or glue.

The EB45 series is intended for commercial and domestic use. The items are easy to operate and maintain. They are available in different sizes.

Please read the installation instructions before using the valve. Otherwise, the item can work incorrectly.

Excellence is a priority for Cash Acme. The company quality tests and checks every item before selling. The products meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. In addition, the company incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in the process of product manufacturing. The items are designed to serve you for a long time.

Choose quality with Cash Acme!

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