Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks

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Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks

Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks are durable, compact, standardized, lightweight and specialized for maximum locks’ safety. No safety padlocks provide maximum safety as Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks do. These padlocks offer a maximum level of the key security.

The Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks prevent the working staff from risky energy while servicing and repairing. They are designed especially for lockout tagout purposes as part of an OSHA-compliant safety program.

When you are looking for a high-quality padlock, you can be totally ensured with the top-level safety of Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks.These padlocks are innovatively designed with modern improvements like the KD (Key Different) and KA (Key Alike) lock body. For extra safety you won’t be able to remove the key in the unlocked position with the padlock’s key-retaining brass cylinder.

The Brady Safety Lockout Padlocks have a nylon and aluminum series for a perfect top-quality security in varied working conditions. Nylon padlocks with plastic shackles are perfect for electrical or general lockout purposes due to their lightness and non-conducting. Aluminum padlocks with steel shackles provide anti-corrosion effect and are ideal for general lockout purposes.

OSHA-compliant safety program - the safety standard rules for the manufacturers to prevent their products’ users from hazard.

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