Best Industrial Markers

Best Industrial Markers

An industrial marker is a significant item among users applied for writing and marking specific tools, equipment, and specific items. The advanced technologies while producing the industrial markers offer users different qualities of ink that may be weather- or water-resistant.

Due to a great number of aspects, there are plenty of markers that are suitable for various types of surfaces and have different shapes of the tip. So, this article will help you to decide what industrial marker is the best for your project.

What To Consider While Choosing The Best Industrial Marker

It is important to note the features of the best industrial markers to select the best one for you and for the material you are going to mark.

Durable Tip

Several permanent industrial markers have a very delicate tip, so the tip may be broken while used. It may lead the ink to be dispersed incorrectly resulting in sloppy lines or marks. While selecting the industrial marker, make sure that the tip is durable and won’t break during use. This may lead to problematic markings. Some of the most common types of industrial marker tips are chisel, bullet, and brush. You should consider what tip will match your project. The bullet type of the tip is applied for writing and coloring. However, a chisel-type of tip is used for lettering or calligraphy.

Ink Permanence

According to your needs, industrial markers vary in terms of how long they last on the surface. The ideal marker should dry up fast, but be water, fading, and weather-resistant, especially when you want the marking to stay for a long time.

Type Of Ink

There are two types of ink for the markers and these are oil- and water-based. Markers that include oil-based ink are the most common component for markers of its visibility on shiny surfaces. However, oil-based ink is quite tough to apply, as it doesn’t come out easily. Oil-based ink markers are ideal due to their good staying power and resistance to smudges.

Markers that include water-based ink components are easier to work with as the tips are thinner. You should note this if you want to remove the marks. To avoid smudging, let it dry for several minutes.


Several industrial markers come in sets in different colors, but many users prefer white or black color markers. You should consider whether to get a set of various colors or separate colors specifically to match your needs.

Resistance to Weather and Smudges

You should make sure that the industrial markers you have selected are weather-resistant. Whether it is snow, rain, or sun, you should select the proper marker for your work. When the ink doesn’t absorb fast, it may be tough to continue marking on surfaces as it is difficult to understand that the marker is completely dry. When the marker doesn’t dry up quickly, it may lead to smudging. Consequently, markers with thick ink usually dry up faster.


Industrial markers should be considered as an investment, that is why it is an ideal choice for your application. Don’t select the marker just looking at the price. High-quality and durable markers are often on the pricier side. When you need to apply the industrial marker for a few projects, it’s better to select the cheaper one as they don’t last after many users. However, if you want to use the industrial marker for the long-lasting terms, take the pricey one.

Pros Of Using The Industrial Marker

When the industrial markers are used in various applications such as art, household purposes, or industrial projects, more people find them useful. Those who use industrial markers for meta equipment often prefer black or white markers for labeling. People who work with metals demand accurate measurements when they cut metals. Several industrial markers applied for metals don’t wipe off easily, which makes them ideal almost for all kinds of applications.

Our Top Picks

Heathrow Scientific HS15094 Sharpie 8 Colors Dual Tip Pen Set

Heathrow Scientific HS15094 Sharpie 8 Colors Dual Tip Pen Set

Sharpie markers are one of the most popular items around the globe. The set includes 8 bright colors which mean the users have more options to grab. Permanent clear, water-resistant, and freezer-safe markers are suitable for glass, metal, or porcelain surfaces. The most adorable aspect among users is that the ink dries fast, so expect no smear. These markers are AP-certified, toxic-free, and safe for your skin. Furthermore, Sharpie markers have a chisel tip for suitable pivot lines.


  • Plenty of color options;
  • Flexible chisel tip for various writing techniques;
  • Water-resistant ink.


  • Less ink.

LabTAG MP-1B-6

LabTAG MP-1B-6 Cryo-Marker Waterproof Permanent Black Markers

This high-quality, dual-point cryogenic marker has a fine tip that is suitable for different surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, cloth, and even Teflon. The ink is permanent and waterproof when dry, so markers may be applied in severe conditions.


  • May be applied in severe conditions;
  • Suitable for various surfaces;
  • Permanent and waterproof.

Jaece IMF-100

Jaece IMF-100 Identi-Marker Black Permanent Marker

The Jaece permanent marker is suitable for writing on foam, plastic, glass, and metal. This type of marker may be applied for writing on cold and wet surfaces and is ideal for laboratories, hospitals, or industrial use.


  • Economical;
  • Quick-drying ink;
  • Extra-fine, durable plastic tip.

Bel-Art Products 13374-0000

Bel-Art Products 13374-0000 Belpen Black Marker

Belben black marker has a felt tip that is suitable for all glassware and plastics. Permanent quick-drying ink is water- and smudge-proof for greater performance. This permanent marker can withstand freezing while drying.

Markal 90910

Markal 90910 Pro-Max Paint Marker

Markal ProMax is a liquid paint marker that has an extra-large tip for the biggest and highly-visible marks. This liquid paint marker has water-, and weather-resistant ink for fast drying to write easy-to-read marks. This item is safe for almost every surface: steel and iron, plastic, cardboard, glass, pipes, and tubes.

Markal 96963

Markal 96963 Pro-Line Hp Paint Marker

Markal Pro-Line liquid paint marker is a developed item suitable for oily and greasy surfaces. The high-performance ink penetrates through oils and greases to dry fast and leave a bold due to the weather- and fade-resistant options. The specific paint formula allows for leaving accurate, permanent markings on oily surfaces.


Choosing the best industrial marker for various surfaces is not as easy as it seems. You will need to consider plenty of aspects from the quality and price, to the color and ink options, and so on. It is significant because you need to consider what marker to choose for the specific type of surface or it will be better to get the item suitable for plenty of surfaces. Not considering so, you may harm the surface and the proper work.

Before buying the industrial marker, research the information about the product that will help you to understand how it will perform during several circumstances. Many people avoid following and reading instructions because it takes much time, but it will lead to hazardous consequences. So, if you take into account all the options the industrial marker has, you will achieve the proper maintenance of the project.

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