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Barska biometric safes are a great solution for the homes and businesses to keep your things safe and sound. With these safes you won’t spend your time looking for your keys or entering a combination. All you need is just to scan your fingerprint.

Barska biometric safes are a modern solution for nowadays society.  There are different types of safes that are being produced by Barska, for instance:

Barska AX13108 Biometric Keypad Depository Safe

1. Barska Biometric Keypad Depository Safe  is the best solution for offices and individuals to secure cash of important documents or files. It can be used with a biometric fingerprint scanner, digital keypad or traditional keys to get your important things to be in a safe place.

Barska AX13378 9.33 Cubic Ft Tall Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe
2. Barska Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe gas 3 different types of accessing and securing your rifle or other firearms. Firstly, the user can open the safe with a biometric fingerprint scanner with just the touch of a finger. Nevertheless, Barska extra large rifle safe can be also opened with a digital PIN code or with traditional keys. This safe can guarantee a high-quality rifle safe that any gun user can rely on. It can also be used for your other valuables such as documents, deposit cash, etc.
Barska AX13496 4.48 Cu. Ft. Biometric Fireproof Safe, White
3. Barska Biometric Fireproof Safe guarantees you maximum security for your valuables with its great feature - fireproof construction. It helps you to secure your documents and other valuables with a high-securing quality. Barska Fireproof Safe can be accessed with a simple scan of the user's  fingerprint. You will no longer spend your time looking for keys or entering or combination, you just need to scan your fingerprint.

Barska biometric safes are a right solution to keep your valuables safe and fireproof. They can be used whether at home and offices for your firearms or businesses.

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