AWS Pocket Scales

Are you in search of compact yet reliable scales? Then AWS pocket scales are for you! 

The AWS digital pocket scales are perfect for people who need high precision on the go. The devices are equipped with a backlit LCD so you can see the measurements even in poor lighting conditions.

The Blade-650 digital pocket scales have a retractable backlit display, which is very convenient. Operate the device using just three keys, the weighing process is as easy as ABC! The devices are available in several colors.

The ES scales are lightweight and portable. They have a detachable cover that can be used as an expansion tray. You can choose from several color options.

With AWS pocket scales, you can easily weigh food, herbs, coins, the list goes on. Please read carefully the user’s guide prior to working with any device. In addition, handle your scale with proper care, do not overload it on a day-to-day basis, keep it clean and it will serve you for years.

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