AWS 600 Scales

AWS 600 scales

AWS 600 scales are for those who value portability. On Mega Depot, you can choose from a wide range of items.

The V2 series includes battery-powered digital pocket scales that have a removable cover that can be used as an expansion tray. The results are shown on a backlit LCD. The devices are ideal if you need to weigh tea, coffee, salt, etc. The scales are easy to operate using the Mode, On/Off, and Tare buttons. The scales are available in different colors. Choose the one you like the most!

The AWS series is for those who need high precision combined with portability.  They have a backlit LCD, stainless steel weighing platform that is protected by a plastic lid. The devices are battery-powered and user-friendly.

American Weigh Scales offers only reliable products. The scales are precise and ensure excellent performance. Use best-in-class equipment from the best manufacturers, shop with Mega Depot!

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