AWS 1000 Scales

AWS 1000 scales are for those who value quality. On Mega Depot, you can easily choose from an array of different models. If you are in search of a good 1000 g device, then you can pay attention to the AWS series digital pocket scales, the Blade series digital precision scales, the Chrome series portable scales, etc.

There are portable pocket scales as well as tabletop and hanging scales. Each type is ideal for its purpose. Digital hanging scales are great for weighing relatively small items. They have a convenient handle and a hook. The devices are portable. Pocket scales also do not require much storage space. You can put the device in your pocket, hence the name. As a rule, these scales are thin and lightweight. Tabletop scales are larger than the above-mentioned devices. They have more features and are used for more demanding tasks.

Products from American Weigh Scales meet today’s standards as well as customers’ requirements. Shop with us and find the right solution for you!

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