Aven Magnifying Lamp

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Aven Magnifying Lamp

Aven Magnifying Lamp is a world-class lamp with adjustable features of color temperature, brightness regulation, and improved design.

Aven Magnifying Lamp is the most advanced and available device. Its touch-sensitive brightness and color temperature regulation ensures a wide working spectrum. The lamp’s 360* Swivel motion offers you to place the head of the lamp in any position you wish.

Aven Magnifying Lamp is covered with an *ESD-safe coating that protects the device from damage. The lamp includes powered LED lights, an improved spring balanced arm with an attractive design, and tension adjustment knobs.

Aven Magnifying Lamp attracts its customers with top features and innovative design. Select the best one for you!

*ESD-safe - materials that reduce the discharge of static electricity.

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