Atago Refractometers

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Atago Refractometer

Atago Refractometer measures the degree to which the light changes the direction, that is called the angle of refraction. The device reads the refraction angles and compares them to the refractive index values that have been established. These values help to observe the concentration of the solution.

The durability of measuring features is the top line for the Atago Refractometer. Not only the brilliance of the entire field of views, but also the precision of boundaries describes the quality of the optical technology.

A special waterproof design of hand-held Atago Refractometer includes a new mechanism that allows you to clean the device under the running water after taking the readings of the needed solution. You don’t need to guess where the boundary line is - this device offers redings by the numbers. 

Atago refractometer is produced in a variety of types to match the needs of different industries. The digital hand-held device provides a convenient way to measure samples and solutions fast and effortlessly.

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