Ancor Connectors

Has the harsh marine environment worn out your cable connectors too fast? Mega Depot has innovative solutions for you! 

Ancor has a reputation for being one of the leading providers of the most reliable electrical components on the market. People who work with electrical systems rely on Ancor terminals and lugs. Ancor сable connectors are chosen by millions of users around the world. Let's consider two main categories.

Ancor Terminals

These are the best terminals on the market made from tinned copper for the most durable corrosion protection. There are two types of Ancor terminals:

  • Heat shrink - tightly compressed, creating a waterproof seal; have a heat-activated adhesive embedded into the tubing sleeve.
  • Nylon - tightly wrap around the wire without splitting; ideal for crimping.

The products are UL listed and meet UL 486A. You can find more specific information on the product page. Choose the item you need below.

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Ancor Lugs

These are durable and reliable heavy-duty annealed tinned copper lugs. The items ensure excellent crimping strength.

Ancor Lugs will serve you flawlessly for many years of usage. A broad range of products is presented below.

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