Allegro Industries Cooling Products

Allegro Industries cooling products will provide comfort in hot conditions. It is possible to choose from cool offs, cooling beanies, cooling vests, vortex cooling vests, poncho cooling vests, cooling wraps etc.

  • The cool offs are intended to keep the user cool for up to 3 days. They can be worn on the neck or head. Before using, the products should be put in cold water to be activated.
  • The cooling beanies are used to enhance the level comfort for workers who are exposed to heat. The beanies are adjustable to fit everyone. The products are easy to maintain.
  • The company also offers cooling vests. They are designed so the temperature is distributed evenly, providing the best cooling effect.
  • Vortex cooling vests are connected to a compressed air source. The airflow provides the wearer with the cooling effect. The items are convenient in use and are easy to maintain.
  • Also consider poncho economy cooling vests. This is a low-cost solution for cooling. Before using, the items should be put in cold water.
  • Cooling wraps and neck wraps are very convenient to use. They are lightweight and portable.

The products can be used by firefighters, construction workers and other people who work in conditions that are characterized by high temperatures. Optimal temperature when working is crucial not only for being efficient, but also for staying safe. If a person works physically in heat for a long time, it can lead to irreversible consequences for their health. That is why, Allegro Industries designed cooling products - thinking about those whose working conditions are impossible to change.

Excellence is a priority for the company. Every item undergoes various tests in order to meet present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The company cares about its customers and produces high-quality products for a reasonable price, making them affordable for everyone.

Stay comfortable in every situation with Allegro Industries!

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