A&D Scales

Using scales is the simplest way to measure weight or mass of various objects. A&D Weighing is the company that provides high-quality and ultra precise scales and balance equipment for over 70 years already. Their products are used by different companies around the world.

The product range includes several types of scales: industrial, counting, warehouse etc. A&D Scales can be applied for industrial, domestic, scientific or educational use. It is extremely important to get precise results in measuring, as businesses where weighting is applied can lose a lot otherwise (for example, jewelry industry). Moreover, in health care industry, people’s lives and health can depend on the weighing results. If you need scales for research or scientific purposes, accurate measurements are crucial as the results of work can help to change the world for the better (for example, to cure diseases or to reduce bad influence of different substances on people’s lives).

Digital A&D scales are perfect if precise readings are required. The weight is shown on a special LCD or LED display. A&D scales can be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the purpose of usage, A&D scales are equipped with different features. For instance, if you need to work in the environment with the high level of humidity, A&D Weighing will definitely provide you with a wide range of waterproof models. They are created to give precise readings for a number of industries so all the drops, bits and samples of the substances you measure don’t interfere with weighing. The weighing pans are easy to clean and exchange, so you can maintain the device properly.

Additionally, A&D Weighing offers dustproof models in case your working conditions are dusty, sandy or dirty. Digital A&D scales can be powered by AC, rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

A&D scales will enhance your business productivity and make weighing easy and effortless.

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