Abus Granit

Abus is a leading producer of locks for more than nine decades. Using a padlock is an easy, low-cost solution to keep your property secure. Abus presents the Granit line to provide you with the best padlocks possible. You can lock doors, fences, gates, furniture, lorries, trailers and so on. The items are lightweight and user-friendly. You can use it whenever you want wherever you go without any additional instruments or help.

Abus worked on this range thoroughly, paying attention to every detail. The Granit padlocks are improved and optimized, showing a greater performance comparing to older models. The products are carefully tested to meet all standards of the contemporary world.
The Granit products are constructed reasonably. The lock is made of a sturdy, stainless, gradually tempered steel, so the cylinder is protected from drilling. The applied technology makes the lock hard and solid on the outside.

Abus Granit padlocks are highly durable and very strong, as they can withstand strength of more than 6 tonnes. This feature prevents any attempt to open the lock illegally without the key. Additionally, the material is corrosion-resistant, so you can use it in rain, snow, stormy weather and other conditions. Users can definitely rely on Abus padlocks indoors as well as outdoors without worrying about extreme temperatures below or above zero.

Another useful feature of the Granit padlocks is the protection from any key duplication without official permission. If you need to have more keys for your lock, Abus provides you with this opportunity. However, you can copy the key only by showing your security card. This guarantees that the owner can manage the number of copies made and used, enhancing the security level of their possessions. Abus padlocks go with 2 keys, one of which is equipped with an in-built LED light for you to effortlessly open the lock in the dark.
Abus padlocks are for those who care about quality. Choose a lock that is right for you from a wide range of items. Abus locks will serve you for decades!

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