3M Particulate Respirators

In many industries, the work requires processes that pollute the air. It is crucial to protect  health using reliable equipment when exposed to harmful and hazardous substances.

3M is at the forefront of manufacturing high-grade particulate respirators. There are various models available on the market. There are oil and/or non-oil aerosol types, the models with or without exhalation valves, general purpose respirators as well as the ones that are specifically created for metal pouring, welding and more. Before choosing a respirator, it is necessary to determine the purpose of usage, learn about the types of contaminants the respirator should protect from. In addition, determine the exposure time. Always read the user instructions before using any equipment.

3M particulate respirators are used in a wide array of industries including food processing, general manufacturing, grinding, marine, O&G, pharmaceutics, transportation and others.

The respirators are elaborately designed to deliver excellent quality in protection combined with comfort in wearing.

It is important to adjust the respirator so it fits the face well and there are no gaps between the face and the mask. Otherwise, the wearer puts their health at risk. 3M particulate respirators feature adjustable noseclips to fit better. In addition, they are lightweight, enabling the wearer to use it longer, plus the weight does not interfere with the working process.

A salient feature of some 3M particulate respirators (including Standard N95, Welding N95 and 100 Class) is a Cool Flow Valve. This feature is designed to enhance the level of the user’s comfort when breathing. It minimizes heat and moisture in the respirator. The facepiece is constructed so the exhaled air is directed downward.

3M particulate respirators can be used with an array of other protective gear (e.g. safety glasses, ear muffs, ear plugs etc.)

Choose 3M particulate respirators for maximum protection!

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