Welders & Plasma Cutters

Metal joining processes take place in various applications. Heavy industry utilizes welding more often, but it is also used in the food and beverage industry and medicine. Welding & cutting appliances are made up of a few essential parts. The fuel and gases are stored in special containers that are connected via tubes to welding/plasma cutting apparatus, and in turn - to torches. We provide a great selection of welders & plasma cutters at the best prices. A welder is...read more


Welders & Plasma Cutters

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...an electric power source, responsible for providing the necessary flow of electricity. This device provides a high-power constant voltage supply. This type of electricity is required for a few kinds of welding but usually, it is utilized for arc-type welding. Types of current affect the parameters and peculiarities of arc welding, and both direct and alternating currents are utilized. Plasma cutters are similar in purpose, they just supply electric current to different devices. You can buy top-quality plasma cutting and welding power sources on our website. Find great deals on Mega Depot!