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Soldering implies joining several metal or non-metal parts together. Soldering is equally used at homes by amateurs to repair some electronic devices as well as by professionals in large industrial complexes. Soldering is often utilized while working with small objects and wires, however, application in plumbing and similar spheres is also possible. Soldering utilizes an additional compound to join segments. We offer a great range of soldering devices from the best manufacturers.

Soldering Tools

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A soldering/brazing tool, generally known as an iron, is a device that applies heating energy to the intermediary component, which in turn joins desired metal objects together. The majority of such gadgets are operated by electricity, but some tools use gas to produce heat. We also offer desoldering tools, special heating and pumping gadgets that are utilized to remove the joining component without causing any destruction to the parts. Mega Depot has a great array of desoldering tools, electric and gas irons, and supplementary accessories, all at the best prices.