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Welding is a complicated method of combining two or more objects, made of thermoplastic or metal, together. It is applied in a number of industrial fields, from metallurgy and automobile to food and medicine. Specialized welding machines are utilized to form bonds between two surfaces. Beforementioned equipment comes in plenty of different types, and they incorporate a variety of techniques, one of which uses burning gasses to accumulate heat that is essential for welding the material. Gasses may not be only applied as fuel oxidizers, but also as a coating shield for the welding area. Gas regulation devices are an essential part of the welding set-up. It is more

Gas Regulators

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...special valve mechanism that controls the flow of gas from a container to a certain device. It is required to monitor and regulate pressure levels. Gas regulators differ by construction, but welding machines and tanks often use two-staged regulation mechanisms, which firstly let out the gas from a high-pressurised chamber and then reduce the pressure and supply a steady flow into the appliance. Such devices are often applied in oxy-fuel set-ups, where the gas is used not as a protective coating but as an oxidizer to a fuel. Gas regulator devices are commonly used to monitor the flow rate of gasses.

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