A stroboscope, also known as a strobe tachometer, is applied to determine the rotation speed or velocity and frequency of rotating parts, elements, and equipment. A stroboscope is a handheld device to determine and replace worn belts, springs, valves, and dampers that are part of producing monitoring and regulation. The stroboscope may also be applied to adapt machinery to speed up and develop the operation of the equipment. Read more...


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Several handheld stroboscopes include pre-charged batteries, thus performing their handheld and ideal for applying to floor manufacturing. Most common stroboscope types may have high-intensiveness light sources of 600 to 900 lux at a distance of 3,28 feet. According to the type, the stroboscope may provide and save measurement data to the internal memory or SD card memory. Such stroboscopes allow users to apply the measurement data to the computer for more detailed analysis and printing.

The ideal short-duration flash provided by the stroboscope perfectly matches for photographing extremely rapidly moving objects and elements. Several stroboscopes have a digital display and various models with analog displays.

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