A power supply is an important part of any electric utility, and choosing the correct one may prolong the life of your gadget and prevent it from malfunctioning. Some devices may have a built-in power supply, while others require a stand-alone device that can be replaced or repaired if necessary. Modern power supplies are divided into two types - DC and AC. The first type has two subtypes. The first subtype is called linear. Linear power supplies receive AC from an outlet, decrease the voltage, transform the current into direct, and supply it to the inside parts of a gadget. It’s simple but produces low power. If higher power is required, the second subtype is utilized. It’s called switch-mode. Such power supplies follow the same steps to create DC, but then start switching it rapidly on and off at a very high rate, thus creating AC. Afterward, AC is processed in the power supply again to produce DC of a higher power. The second type is the AC power supply, it does not change the current type, only lowers the voltage received from the source. Power supply systems can have single and three-phased outputs, and it determines how constant the flow of energy is.