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Communication has always been a crucial element of keeping people together. Throughout the ages, multiple communication methods have been invented and used if the information had to be transferred from one remote location to another: smoke signals, letters, Morse code, telegrams, and finally telephone. Though it is not the newest method, it has been used since the 19th century and is still popular today. Landlines for stationary phones are still used in governmental organizations, commercial offices, and industrial buildings for internal communication. Signals are transmitted along those lines, and in case of a malfunction or a damaged line, miscommunication can occur or the signal may be lost completely.

To check and evaluate phone lines and detect any malfunctions, special gadgets are used. These devices are called phone line testers. Mega Depot offers a selection of top-quality phone line testers at the best prices. Shop with us!

Phone Line Testers

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Phone line testers are special devices used to install, test, and evaluate the quality of a phone line. These gadgets have a speaker and a microphone, a keypad, and a number of leads that are used to connect a line tester to a phone wire. Such gadgets are connected to distribution frames or any other interface areas that provide access to phone lines. When plugged in, these gadgets gain the functionality of a regular phone, so the technician has the ability to monitor any ongoing calls, make outgoing calls or answer incoming calls. With this device, you can also pinpoint phone lines and check dial tones.