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Plumbing systems stretch for hundreds of miles underneath large cities and industrial objects. They supply potable water to our homes and offices and take the wastewater and sewage out to their dump locations. These systems are crucial to maintaining the flow of our everyday lives, and when there’s a malfunction that affects the water supply of your workplace or home, your routine may be slowed down or even stopped completely. These systems require constant maintenance and repair to prevent major malfunctions. Special constructions are located throughout the city to allow specialists to examine and repair the system if necessary.

These constructions are called manholes. They are special pre-cast opening parts of a utility vault that provide access to underground systems. They are not limited to plumbing, and may also provide access to telephone, electricity, and gas systems. These manholes are created to be buried underneath the ground level, with the entrance located at the same level with the surface. Such structures must meet the required safety and working space conditions. They must be structurally strong to withstand the pressure applied by the surrounding environment (earth, concrete, or the body of water). A manhole cover is required to prevent accidental or unauthorized access to underground systems. Manhole structural integrity is tested by specialized equipment called manhole testers. Mega Depot offers a great selection of manhole testers and all supplementary equipment at the best prices. Shop with Mega Depot!

Manhole Testers

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A manhole tester is a complicated device that is used in specialized conditions. This device is needed to examine the resistance of a manhole to deformation by the outside pressure and to detect leaks. Constructing a device that would gradually apply pressure to manholes from the outside is cumbersome and financially inefficient, therefore an alternative method was invented. Manholes are tested by creating the vacuum inside them with specialized gadgets. Sucking out the air creates a pressure difference, and a force is applied to all surfaces and joints of a manhole. This allows testing structural firmness and resistance. Pressure stabilizing inside the manhole can be a sign of structural damage or imperfection of a manhole and can result in leaks. These damaged places should be repaired before backfilling. After backfilling, leaks are much harder to identify, and vacuum testing is far more complicated due to the excessive amounts of outside pressure created by the layer of earth.