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The equipment we use in any aspect of our business and everyday life is far more sophisticated than it was 20-30 years ago. Technological development allowed people to create sophisticated electronic and mechanical gadgets that are needed to guarantee a safe and efficient work process. In order to monitor the conditions of this equipment and rule out any possible type of failure, a great number of various testing gadgets were introduced. However, they require additional elements to attach them to a device you desire to check. Test leads and test probes are created specifically to fit that purpose.

A test lead is a special wire that connects test gadgets to a device that is being tested and transfers electric current or any other signals from one to another. They may vary in construction and desired functionality and are used in almost all test equipment. They may interact with a device directly, or be attached to a special test probe.

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Test probes are specialized components that are able to capture a parameter or monitor physical property, transform it into a signal and then send it to a testing device. There are many test probes to choose from and they differ in the parameter they are able to monitor. For example, there are voltage and current probes that are used to check the properties of devices powered and operated by electricity. There are humidity probes that are applied most commonly in chart recorders and data loggers but are used in other equipment as well. Resolution probes are used in various optical devices, from borescopes to sophisticated scanners and microscopes. Temperature probes may be used in chart recorders and data loggers, and well as in gas detectors, gas analyzers, and other similar equipment, where they are used in combination with gas probes.

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