Sometimes a malfunction may be caused by a deficient insulation. If there are no visual defects, but equipment or electric system doesn’t work properly an additional gadget is required to detect the reason of bad performance. An example of such testing device is insulation tester. It’s a specialized gadget that is needed to measure the resistance of insulation to the electric current flowing through it. The resistance is high if the insulation does not let out any current through. If there is a constant current seeping through the covering the resistance drops significantly. This predicted pattern allows the testing device to establish if there is a faulty covering. Moisture and temperature are inconsistent factors that may affect the measurement. Defining the result is not always presented in numeric values. If a brand new wiring or equipment is tested, the results are compared to the pre-set requirements, given by users or manufacturers. If you are performing a maintenance check the results need to be compared to previous tests to determine the pattern.

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