There is a number of different technologies that may be utilized in detecting gases. Electrochemical gas detecting devices have special filters that produce electricity proportional to the volume of gas that passed through the filter. These filters can be tuned to be sensitive to different types and concentrations of gases. Another type has infrared sensors, that analyse the emitted radiation and quantify the amount of gas present in the air. Some detectors use semiconductors to detect gases when they contact a special sensor. Other devices use sound waves on ultrasonic frequency to detect changes in the surrounding space. And finally there are holographic detectors. They have a special matrix that absorbs light in the scanned space. If air composition is changed the reflection is also changed due to the different length of light waves.

Gas analyzers have somewhat similar working principum, but they are also able to analyze the type and the volume of hazardous gas present in the air. These devices are extremely useful in industries working with hazardous gases because by detecting and preventing gas leaks they save people’s lives. Mega Depot provides a wide selection of gas detectors and gas analyzers suited for detecting a great variety of dangerous gases. We have products manufactured by leading companies such as GfG Instrumentation, Kitagawa, GMI, Ecom, IMR Environmental Equipment, Kanomax, Testo, Wohler, Viasensor and many more. You will find a product that suits your specific needs for the best price on Mega Depot.