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Some industrial operations take a significant amount of time for completion or may require a set of specific parameter values throughout the whole process. Therefore, special additional equipment is required to keep track of particular data trends. A good example is a data logger. It is a specialized electronic gadget that records required data (atmospheric conditions, object conditions, etc.) over a stretch of time. It is essentially a technologically advanced chart recorder. It’s usually a portable battery-powered device. Unlike their predecessors, the majority of data loggers are based on microprocessors, so they are programmable. It means that their settings and even types of parameters they record may be readjusted, all depending on their type and construction.

This gadget usually has an instrument or special data sensor built in the body of a recorder, however, there are modular setups and replaceable components available for different needs. Some data loggers have embedded screens with keypads on them to better monitor and evaluate the result of the recording, while other devices interact with PCs. There are two types of data loggers. The first type is intended for general recordings, these data loggers can be applied in a wide range of fields and their sensors can be readjusted for different conditions. The second type is specially designed to work under extreme stress or in strictly predetermined conditions.

Data Loggers

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Data loggers are able to collect data without any interference required from a person who controls the data collection process. The information gathered by the recorder can later be transferred to a computer, presented as graphs and spreadsheets, or printed out for further analysis. Data loggers may be used for a wide range of data samples, like meteorological readings, hydrography and moisture recordings, atmospheric pressure recordings, gas sample analysis, temperature readings, light intensity, vibrations, any electrical signals, and many more.

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