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Technological advancements, especially in electricity, have significantly improved our quality of life. Every factory, every house, every person has electronic devices. These gadgets simplify our lives, but all devices and cables need constant testing and repair, otherwise, they will malfunction, usually in the most inappropriate time. If mishandled, electricity can pose a serious threat to the health and even life of a person.

An example of such a testing device is a circuit tracer. It allows you to track electric wires and cables. It is very useful, especially if you are unable to visually track a cable because it’s extremely long, unreachable, or hidden in walls or under the floor. This gadget has a simple working principle. The transmitter is attached to one end of a cable. It then generates a specific signal and sends it down the wire. The receiver is connected to cables on the other end until it is attached to the respective one that has the signal transported by a transmitter.


Circuit Tracers & GFCI

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Another safety measure that should be used is the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). It is a special safety device used in all power lines. It detects the flow of electricity through an unintended path, for example, water or human body. It measures the difference between the current sent from a source and received on the other side. If these values are not the same, that means that at some point, the current is diverting from the path. If such difference is detected, GFCI shuts down the power until the problem is solved.

These gadgets are very useful in both everyday life and commercial applications, they can even save your life in case of an unpredicted situation. Mega Depot offers quality products from the best manufacturers.