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Some industrial and technological processes are not done instantly, they take a set amount of time and must be looked after constantly. Therefore they require special tracking equipment that will monitor some parameters over a set amount of time. An example of such equipment is a chart recorder. This device can record atmospheric data or physical parameters of an object that requires monitoring and put them as a trend line, which shows how the parameters have changed over a period of time, on paper. Chart recorders vary in construction, they can be driven by an automated mechanical apparatus, they may also have electronic mechanisms powering the movement of a chart while mechanical parts put down the data, or even be completely electronic, having a digital record of trend lines. These devices can monitor several parameter trends at the same time, marking them with different colors on the chart.

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There are 3 main recorder types. First type uses a strip of paper, it’s more easy to understand and use, but it occupies a lot of space. The second type has a circular record chart, which is essentially a disk of paper that rotates under pens. It must be replaced frequently, but they are smaller in size and are usually used to display information. The third type has a roll of paper, they serve for much longer, but they are fully embedded in a frame and are more often used for the latter analysis of a specific parameter.

Chart recorders may be useful in various situations, and are frequently applied at power plants, factories, meteorological tracking stations and similar industries. Mega Depot provides a great choice of chart recording devices manufactured by the best brands for the best prices you can find.