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Electricity and electronic devices are deeply connected with our everyday lives. We cannot imagine our routine without electronic devices, and electrical shortages can stop electric-operated services and even industries. Electricity is distributed through cables. They are used everywhere, from high-voltage industrial power lines to devices used at homes and offices, like keyboards and headsets. Unfortunately, cables are affected by any type of physical damage and short circuits. Cable testers are used to check the electrical connections in a cable as well as its functionality.

A cable tester measures the time difference between the sent and received signals. If the signal comes back sooner than it is supposed to come - there’s a probability that the cable is short-circuited, if the signal does not return - there’s a lack of connection or mismatching connections.

Cable Testers

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Cable testers may be useful in various situations and are frequently applied in power plants, factories, meteorological tracking stations, and similar industries. Mega Depot offers a great choice of devices from the best manufacturers at the best prices you can find.

On our website, you can choose from a variety of cable testers, as well as all required supplementary equipment. It doesn’t matter if you need to test your home electrical network or a faulty wire in a device - you will find the right product on Mega Depot.