...those who need a reliable, low-cost solution. The users are provided with a powerful supply of clean air. In addition, the helmet will protect you against debris and sparks.

SAR welding systems ensure excellent performance. They are a perfect choice if you need a low-cost and at the same time effective solution. Every system includes 1 or 2 shields or welding helmets, a breathing air pump and 1 or 2 breathing hoses. SAR welding systems by Allegro Industries will provide you with an effective head, eye, face and respiratory protection.

The company’s PAPR welding helmets are lightweight, allowing you to work productively with less fatigue. The helmets are made from extra-durable flame-retardant nylon. It allows to wear them in extreme temperatures. These PAPR helmets also have a flame-retardant shroud to cover your neck, ears and the back of the head. In addition, every PAPR helmet comes with a soft replaceable headband.

Allegro Industries welding helmets are easy to maintain and designed to serve you for a long time. In addition, they do not require much space for storage.

Excellence is the highest priority for Allegro Industries. When it comes to human health and life, there’s no place for compromises. The company incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in the process of manufacturing. Every item is tested in order to meet demanding current standards and specific customers’ requirements.

Choose quality with Allegro Industries!