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Lockout appliances are of major importance in many industries. They are used to protect workers or workshop equipment from any possible injuries or damage. Lockout/tagout kits are popular in a multitude of spheres, however, they require a range of supplementary devices to function properly. Mega Depot offers a range of lockout & tagout kits suited for a multitude of different applications.

Lockout Tagout Kits

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Lockout kits include a set of devices required for proper installation, uninstallation, and functioning of a lockout. They include locks, fasteners, adapters, special tools, as well as sets of labels and stickers to serve as warning signs or anti-tamper seals. We offer a collection of electrical, padlock, valve, and other types of lockout kits manufactured to achieve the highest level of safety. Shop with Mega Depot and use only reliable products!