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Absorbent materials are widely used in industries that deal with storing, transporting, and utilizing liquids. Different floor covers and pads are often utilized to soak up spills, prevent massive leaks and damage to various surfaces. Another popular example of absorbent products is an absorbent sock (or SOC). These appliances are used for leak management. We provide a selection of absorbent socks, all at the best prices.


Absorbent SOCs

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Absorbent socks are made of special materials that soak up liquids, including chemicals and oils (sometimes suited for specific types of fluids), preventing them from spreading and flooding or contaminating sensitive surfaces. Socks have several advantages if compared to rugs. They can be shaped to fit any hard-to-cover opening, curve, or angle. They may also be used to control the flow of liquids, if the spill is bigger than usual, or prevent liquids from reaching valuable equipment. Mega Depot offers a range of absorbing socks for spill management.