Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Spills and contaminations are very common in a variety of production and transportation spheres. Spills are always undesired and they lead to different negative consequences, like substance loss, surface contamination, or even putting people's health at risk. Surface covering is very important when handling equipment or set-ups with possible or frequent leaks. We offer a selection of absorbent pads and rolls suited for surface protection.

Absorbent Pads & Rolls

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Rolls and pads are somewhat similar to rugs and mats, which are suited for constant floor covering and sliding prevention. Rolls and pads are used depending on the situation. They are perfect for absorbing various types of spills, from common liquids to oils and even chemically aggressive substances. Pads & rolls may be used as a countermeasure to clean up accidentally spilled fluids, or as a preventive measure to leaking or damaged equipment. Mega Depot offers a wide range of absorbing pads & rolls from the best manufacturers.