Switches vary in construction type, which is in turn determined by the application field. The most common and simple is a two-way switch - a device built directly into a circuit. It connects or disconnects the circuit, using itself (or at least its part) as a conductor. Another basic type is called a three-way switch. It supplies power from a source to a receiving end (1st position), or to a neutral/closed/another receiving device (2nd position). A neutral middle position is also possible. A common variation of a three-way switch uses the same principle but has more receiving lines. There are more complicated types of switches, but they are all based on the ones described above.

Switches play a major role in occupational safety. They are located on all pieces of equipment to provide proper control over installations. There are safety switches, often made big and bright so they are easy to notice in case of an emergency. Safety switches may stop power supply to a single element of a set-up as well as the whole system. Electric or mechanical safety switches are installed to exclude the influence of a human factor. They are triggered by excess voltage or by physical interaction of devices or mechanisms that only occur in case of emergencies. Mega Depot offers a truly vast selection of switches, find the one for your specific application.