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The need to label items with barcodes emerged with the rapid development of the industry and economy in the late 60s. They were first used in railroad systems and machinery, however, with the appearance of supermarkets and the abundance of goods that appeared in the shops, it became reasonable to mark items with such codes. The need to check barcodes of actual goods without using large mounted scanners determined the appearance of additional equipment that would interpret the code and be small and portable, unlike systems installed at checkouts. Barcode scanners are specialized devices that can scan codes and interpret them, displaying the result on a computer screen or on the gadget itself.

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Barcode Scanners

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A barcode reader is an inseparable part of a cashier’s or a supermarket assistant’s everyday job. These devices differ in types of scanning elements, however, they all have the same construction - a light source, an optical sensor, and a decrypting element. There are scanners shaped like a pen. They have a sensor located right next to a light source. The detector quantifies the light received as a result of reflection. Laser scanners have the same construction but have a laser as a light source, hence the name. To identify a code, such devices should be slowly moved above the scanning surface. Another laser-based reader is known as an omnidirectional scanner, which utilizes a set of lasers to analyze the whole code at once. LED scanners have a cluster of light sensors that measure the reflected lightwaves and create an electrical signal that resembles the barcode. After the scanning, the picture is compiled, analyzed, and sent to a PC or a small display. There are detectors that use optical cameras and special picture-analyzing software to recognize the code. Software similar to this can be installed on smartphones as well.

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