Production lines include a variety of supplementary support, operation, and control networks. Pneumatic & hydraulic lines are commonly utilized for all of those purposes. These lines include a number of essential elements that ensure their proper functioning. Valves, just like in regular plumbing lines, are crucial controlling elements. We offer an extensive range of valves particularly designed for automated lines.


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Valves are special fittings designed to maintain and manage the flow of gases or liquids in tubing systems. A variety of valve types are utilized both in plumbing & automated set-ups. However, manual appliances differ from automated ones. The distinction lies in the regulation mechanism, which is actually responsible for opening or closing the valve. Automated devices utilize specialized devices called "actuators". These are special mechanisms used for opening/closing the valve or putting the inner regulators in the appropriate position. These devices may be operated by electricity, air, or liquid pressure. They also require an additional source of power.