Electronic and electromagnetic devices have changed our lives significantly, greatly increasing our technological advancement rate. DC and AC are utilized to power and manipulate different machines and systems. The need to alter the parameters of an electric flow led to the invention of a transformer. Transformers are widely used electromagnetic appliances that are specifically designed to increase/lower the energy of passing electric current. Modern-day technologies rely heavily on altering the parameters of an incoming electric current so that a multitude of devices may be fed from one energy source. We offer a great selection of transformers from the best manufacturers in the industry.


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The working principle of transformers is based on Faraday's law. Electric current, while passing along the cable, generates an electromagnetic field. This field, in its turn, applying the effect of inductivity, can create a current in another wire that has been placed in the area of reach. EMF strength depends directly on the length of the cable (that's why windings are utilized in such devices). The value of voltage can be altered while transferring the current from one winding/wire to another. Transformers are commonly applied in automated systems in both switchboards and control panels. Choose the best solution on Mega Depot!