The series 607 differential pressure transmitters combine low ranges with stability. All items are solidly built and have a thin glass-clad silicon diaphragm design that is shock- and vibration-resistant. You can use these devices with air and an array of other gases.

The series 608 differential pressure transmitters are intended to convert positive, negative, or differential pressures of clean, dry air, or other non-conductive, non-corrosive gases into a standard 2-wire, 4-20 mA output signal. These devices are intrinsically safe to use in the specified hazardous locations when used with an approved intrinsic safety barrier. 

The series DSGT digital indicating transmitters are versatile, cost-effective, and do not require much space. These transmitters are made of durable materials and are built to last.

The series 636 pressure transmitters are fixed range, explosion-proof transmitters that are made of stainless steel. They are great if you need to measure pressure even in harsh conditions.

The series 672 low-pressure transducers are accurate and user-friendly. The list of applications includes liquid level, flood warning, clean room, open channel flow, and more.

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