A switch is a small but very important part of practically any device. It is basically a part responsible for turning a device/gadget on and off. Any modern-day piece of equipment has a switch because having a gadget that operates 24/7 as long as it has the charge would be wasteful and pointless. Switches are needed to break or create circuit connections. These devices may vary in type, there are manual switching devices that are manipulated by a human, mechanical switching devices that react to a physical action applied by an inanimate object, and relays that are operated by electric signals. We provide a great selection of switches suitable for various applications.



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Switches are especially important in automated production and service lines. They are utilized combined with measuring or control equipment. Manual switches are regularly located on a control panel or a switchboard, where an operator has access to all vital systems. Mechanical switches are regularly located on the measuring equipment (most commonly combined with safety shutdown systems). Relay switches may be utilized in both measuring and controlling devices. We offer a wide range of toggle, biased, and rotary switches at the lowest prices. Shop with Mega Depot and use reliable products from the best manufacturers!