Cartridges are widely used in such industries like printing and scanning, mostly for storing and transporting ink and toner. Also cartridges with a particular design could be used for storing various tapes, including label tapes. Such containers are very useful because they can prevent any physical damage that may be caused to the tapes as a result of unintended action. Also it prevents dust or dirt from getting on the tape and altering the color of marking tape or spoiling the blank part of the label tape. It’s also used to protect the material and the adhesive element of the tape from sunrays and extremely low/high temperatures. Some adhesive components may be damaged or rendered useless if the tape is not stored in appropriate conditions, and cartridges prevent any harmful influence on the adhesive. The design of these containers ensures ergonomic, comfortable and effective use of the tape inside. You can choose from an impressive range of cartridges suited for various tapes.