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Tapes are widely used in a variety of spheres. Various components are utilized for the “body” of the tape, and they usually determine the field of application. The most common uses of these tapes are isolating (insulating) an object, attaching it to another object or marking it for later recognition. Such tapes are attached to the object with the help of adhesives that maintain a bond, however, adhesive elements are not always necessary for the tape. Mega Depot offers a range of various tapes with blank surfaces that are applicable in various situations.

Blank Tapes

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Tapes are often defined by their adhesive component. Some types are sensitive to pressure, while others may react to moisture or temperature. The largest group that is presented on our website is label tape. These are labels with special adhesive components that are used for labeling and identifying an object. There are various forms, sizes, and colors of the tapes available on Mega Depot. We also offer vinyl tapes of various colors that can be used to insulate and mark wires and cables. Choose from high-quality and affordable products from the best manufacturers!