Barcode reader is an inseparable part of a cashier`s or a supermarket assistant`s everyday job. These devices differ in types of scanning elements, however they all have same construction - a light source, an optical sensor and a decrypting element. There are scanners with a shape of pen. They have a sensor located right next to a light source. The detector quantifies the light received as a result of reflection. Laser scanners have the same construction, but have a laser as a light source, hence the name. To identify a code such device should be slowly moved above the scanning surface. Another laser-based reader is known as omnidirectional scanner, which utilizes a set of lasers to analyse the whole code at once. LED scanners have a cluster of light sensors that measure the reflected lightwaves and create an electrical signal that resembles the barcode. After the scanning the picture is compiled, analyzed and sent to a PC or a small display. There are detectors that use optical cameras and special picture-analyzing software to recognize the code. Software similar to this can be installed on smartphones as well.

These scanners may be pen-shaped or handheld. We offer a great variety of barcode readers manufactured by brands like Brady, Zebra., Torbal and BlackBox. Shop for the best with MegaDepot.