The most common and well-known purpose of a plumbing system is supplying water and retrieving waste from homes. It takes a lot of effort and tools to maintain this system functional. One of these devices is called a strainer. It is used commonly both in households and industrial/commercial complexes. We offer a great selection of strainers suited for private homes, production water lines, and fully automated processes. A strainer is more



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...type of a specialized sieve that is utilized to remove any remains or rubble from the system. It separates them via a special filter-type device, holding the debris in a separate container while allowing the water to pass through. This device is used to prevent damaging or clogging the system, saving money and time. In private households, such devices are often installed in kitchens and bathrooms, while industrial complexes install larger strainers in supply/waste networks, irrigation lines, and municipal water facilities. We offer a range of strainers, foot valves, and supplementary parts for various devices. Find the best products on Mega Depot!