Nozzles are utilized in numerous applications. The most common application of a nozzle would be on a garden or technical hose used for cleaning large areas, containers, and similar equipment, or watering a patch of land. There are two main types of nozzles utilized in these situations - smoothbore and spray outlet. Smoothbore devices have the same cross-section as the hose and provide a basic function of directing the flow of water. The spray outlet uses inner shape alteration and sometimes additional mechanisms to turn the flow into a spray. Such devices are more effective at dispersing substances over a larger area, they can concentrate or disperse the flow as well as alter its intensity. There is a subtype of spray outlets, it's used by emergency & fire services. Fog nozzles turn liquids into a spray to achieve a larger coverage area of the dispersed liquid, consequently increasing the temperature absorption. We provide a great selection of nozzles for general and special use. On Mega Depot, you can find quality and affordable products!