... a wide range of plugs. You can choose from items that are made of brass, steel, etc.

Pipe nipples are designed to connect pipes to devices such as water heaters. The company’s combination nipples are perfect for low-pressure discharge and suction service for compatible liquids.

There are unions that have male or female threads. The items are easy to remove. Compression unions are intended for low and medium pressure tubing connection work where excessive vibration or tube movement is not involved. Instrumentation unions are ideal for the following applications: high pressure, high temperature, nitrogen, helium and more.

Bradford High Purity BioPharm fittings are widely used in food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc. industries. The fittings are made of 316L stainless steel. The material meets all orbital welding specifications with controlled sulfur.

Please note that it is important to make sure that the fittings are properly installed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before the installation and use of any product. All Dixon Valve fittings comply with current standards and customers’ requirements.