...various pump body and diaphragm material combinations. The pumps are made of aluminum, stainless steel, ect., with Buna, Teflon or Santoprene diaphragm materials. You can work with a wide range of fluids (heavy fluids included). Please do not use a pump with any liquids that are not compatible with the materials of the pump components.

The company’s high-volume pumps are designed to transfer used oil to storage tanks fast. In addition, the devices handle the abrasive materials that can be found in used oil. The pumps have an air connector and quick detach air coupler.

Alemite diaphragm pumps are portable, easy to install and maintain. There are 2 center block O-rings. You can effortlessly access and remove the pilot shaft O-rings. Besides, you do not need to take apart the pump’s center section in order to service the air valve.

The company is committed to quality. Alemite diaphragm pumps have a sturdy construction, the devices are designed to serve you for a long time, they can withstand rigorous day-to-day use. All Alemite pumps meet present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The pumps are built in the USA.

Alemite pumps are used in an array of industries including agriculture, automotive, food processing and more.