A plumbing system often comprises a variety of elements. Basic components would be, of course, tubes and pipes. Plumbing systems stretch for hundreds of miles, and creating pipes of that size would be illogical and extremely costly. Such networks are made up of small segments connected into one big grid. Special connecting elements are called couplings. Mega Depot offers a great selection of couplings at the best prices. A coupling is a special more



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...of a pipe that has a required connector on one or both sides. This tool is connected to a pipe or a hose on one side. This connection may be temporary (via a screw thread) or permanent (welding). Another side of coupling may be connected to a pipe as well as to another coupling. There are two universally acknowledged main types of coupling outlets: male and female. We provide connection elements like air king, cam & groove, ground joints, Storz, and other types of couplings. On Mega Depot, you can find the best products from the best manufacturers!